When It Hurts To Smile

sad smile due to yellow teeth

Are You Feeling Self-Conscious About Your Teeth?

Unlike in years past, it’s increasingly important to smile for the camera. It wasn’t always this way. Most business interactions were conducted via telephone and paper correspondence. Friendships and new relationships rarely depended upon “looking good” in photographs taken on-the-spot at any time.

Too many people find that it literally hurts to smile. While the act of smiling doesn’t involve pain, the activity of looking in a mirror does. Instead of seeing a wide smile filled with white young-looking teeth, you see yellow teeth that make it appear as if you’ve never picked up a toothbrush.

Dentists advise patients to brush their teeth in the morning, before bed and after meals. A daily brushing routine defends against cavities and the need for serious dental work. Professional dental cleanings will further improve your dental health, but this doesn’t mean that your teeth will radically lighten in color.

Odds are that you’ve tried a myriad of different brands of toothpaste to lighten your teeth. You may have switched from an average toothbrush to an electric model or one with a deluxe handle and bristles. While you may have earned an “A” for effort, sadly this doesn’t mean that your teeth have become significantly lighter in tone.

Lets Take A Look At Personal Relationships:happy smile happy relationships

Family and friends

The ability to smile is something taken for granted. Smiling along with family and friends is a sign that you appreciate their love. Something as simple as a “stone face” or scowl at an inappropriate time can seriously hurt the feelings of those you love. This often makes you the lone person in the family who refuses to smile in photographs or feels self-conscious around people you’ve known all your life.


Placing yourself in the dating scene is difficult enough to begin with. As you get a bit older or find yourself rebounding from a former relationship, finding a new mate can be considered downright frightful. If the process wasn’t complicated enough, the rise of the Internet and social media has made dating that much more dependent upon the ability to be photogenic at any age.

Social Media

Every form of social media asks for a photograph to be included with your online profile. A smiling man or woman is more likely to be seen as a person who lives life to the fullest and is fun to be with. Of course, you can upload a more serious portrait so that no one suspects that you have yellow teeth. But this only works until it’s time to meet your new friend or future mate in person for the first time.

School Reunions

Nothing is more exciting than getting a chance to catch up with friends from years past. It doesn’t matter whether these classmates are from your elementary, high school or college days. You never want to be that person who stays home and misses out on all the fun because you’re afraid to smile.

What About Professional relationships:white teeth mean more self confidence for business meeting

Entering the job market

The job market is highly competitive for both newcomers and experienced workers seeking new opportunities. You need to make a good first impression both online and during a meeting with a human resources professional. At no time do you want a yellowed smile to set you back in terms of your potential salary or professional development.

Job Fairs

A bright smile is all-important when you introduce yourself at a job fair where a wide range of companies greet future employees. Your goal should be to stand out from the others in line and be asked back for a second interview. Being remembered as the job candidate with the yellowed teeth rarely allows you to succeed in this regard.

Advancing your career

If you’re self-conscious about your smile, you’ve hurt your chances of advancement in several ways. An easy smile lets you relax when casually speaking with your boss or formally presenting a report during a meeting. When your smile is unrestricted, your popularity amongst your peers soars upward and brings forth numerous rewards of its own.

A confident smile wins the day

In a perfect world, your career options would be based on your education, past employment and job skills. The truth is that a sense of confidence and making a good impression may ultimately play a greater role in whether you land a lucrative promotion or new position. If you lack the required confidence, you run the risk of not only being unemployed but deeply depressed about future employment options.

Whiten Your Teeth At Homewhite teeth right from home

Your dentist may have discussed office based tooth whitening procedures. The problem is that these sessions are uncomfortable, time-consuming, incredibly expensive and rarely covered by most dental insurance plans. This scenario only adds “insult to injury” as they say.

The good news is that you can whiten yellow teeth at home in as few as six days! It’s easy to accomplish, affordable and doesn’t require multiple trips to the dentist. Before long, your teeth will be whiter and reflect your true personality. Give Alta White a try, to whiten your teeth at home and change your life for the better.

It shouldn’t hurt to smile.

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