What Causes Yellow Teeth?

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Just like the saying “Your smile is your best accessory’’

We normally associated Shiny white teeth and a bright smile with attractiveness. Hence, it’s easy to see why discolored teeth may pose a cause of worry for most people. Although not a severe dental condition; yellow teeth can leave a big dent on your confidence as well as how often you smile.

Fortunately, having yellow build up on teeth does not have to be a permanent ordeal, and turning your teeth back to white could just be as simple as ensuring proper oral care and watching what you eat and drink. We researched the causes of yellow teeth and here are the most common ones we could find.


Sometimes it’s not what you eat, nor what you drink; It is in your genes. If both or any of your parents have yellow teeth, the chances are high that you will develop a similar coloration. Also, just like anyone can be born with a particular skin complexion or eye color; some people naturally just have yellow teeth.


Be it a cigarette, pipesmoke or chewed tobacco; the Nicotine in tobacco leaves a yellow discoloration or brown surface stain on the teeth of smokers. So if you cherish white teeth, this may be a good reason to kick the smoking habit.

Old age

Yellow coloration can also come as a natural part of the aging process; this is as a result of the thinning of the strong, white protective coating on our teeth called Enamel; As the enamel wears and thins due to old age, the natural yellowish dentin starts to show, causing your teeth appear more yellow

Regular consumption of Soft drinks, Black Tea, and Coffee

Black tea and coffee contain Tannin, a substance which is naturally dark in color and is capable of sticking to surfaces such as enamel. Tanning residues remain in the teeth of regular consumers of coffee and tea leading to discoloration over time. Also, the high acidic content in soft drinks tends to wear the enamel, exposing the naturally yellowish dentin.

Medical reasons

Some health conditions have been known to cause teeth coloration. Patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer of the throat or nose may develop yellow or stained teeth; also certain medications such as those for asthma can also cause yellow teeth.


Routine brushing and flossing of your teeth is ideal and should be done twice per day. Leaving your teeth unattended for long durations might lead to a buildup of plaque and tartar which will cause discoloration.

Lastly, teeth discoloration does not need to be a thorn in your flesh as there are now many solutions ranging from home remedies to drugs or oral care that can give you those sparkling white teeth. It is always safer to consult a dentist before using any medication for your teeth.

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