Teeth Whitening Does Not Have To Be Expensive & Complicated

expensive and complicated teeth whitening procedure

Americans spend over 4 billion a year in teeth whitening procedures. Let that sink in for a while!

Just like a Rolex watch or a cool designer bag, a set of shiny white teeth has become an ornamental accessory. The society has placed increasing value on white teeth as recent studies have discovered that job applicants with white teeth are more likely to be hired than their yellow teeth counterparts.

Expectedly, this penchant for brilliant white teeth created a huge wave of demand for teeth whitening remedies, resulting in an industry over flooded with several teeth whitening therapy and treatments, ranging from toothpaste and over-the-counter strips to appointments with the dentist.

As we learned in Basic Economics; when demand is high, the price goes up.

Many of the treatments for teeth whitening are quite expensive; getting teeth whitening therapy from a dentist costs anywhere between $600-$1000 depending on the extent of the procedure. There are also other options such as whitening trays which cost around $400 and over-the-counter products. Although over the counter products cost less than dentists visits and whitening trays, they are not always as effective. In most cases, you may have to use them several times before you see results.

Are there cost-effective ways to achieve shiny white teeth?

Fortunately, Teeth Whitening does not have to be so expensive; for those on a budget that cant afford that $500 appointment to the dentist’s office, you may want to consider a lower cost yet effective alternative that can well achieve the same result.

Good oral hygiene

The foundation for healthy white teeth is maintaining good oral hygiene, regular oral care, brushing twice a day and consistent flossing are keys to healthy teeth. Even if you go for a teeth whitening regimen, without maintaining proper oral hygiene; it may still be a futile endeavor.

Pay attention to your Food

Watching what you eat can also go a long way in maintaining a set of shiny white teeth. Dark foods and drinks such as coffee, blackcurrant, berries and red wine are not to be regularly consumed. Cares should also be taken to rinse the mouth after their consumption as they tend to leave stains on your teeth.

There are also foods that could help whiten your teeth over time; Vegetables and crunchy fruits such as apple or celeries will not instantly give you white teeth, but they gradually scrub away surface stains, leaving brighter teeth.

Use an effective whitening product

At home whitening products may not give the kind of quick result you would get from visiting the dentist but there are effective ones out there, and they tend to cost less. There are gel strips and whitening trays that are guaranteed to give you shiny bright teeth.

Maintaining the white

Once you achieve white teeth, the next step is maintaining it. As much as possible, you need to reduce the consumption of substances that leave stains in your teeth; smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

Also, cultivate the use of a straw while drinking beverages to reduce contact between your teeth and stain causing dyes.

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